3 Boys and 4 Girls  

Sands Sunnii (Sunnii) & Rusty's Great Gatsby (Fitzy)

Medium/Large Medium Litter


Size: Puppies are are expected to range between (approx) 18"-20" and will sit (approx) in the 15-21 kg range (Based on mum and dad's sizing)  

Generation : ALF4 (Pure) 

Colours : Red/Caramel (We will have to wait for the colour to develop)

Coats :  Fleece Coats 

HOME DATE : LOCALS ONLY (no flights interstate or domestic due to Covid-19)

Locals: (Ipswich) 8th November - We will do stagger pick ups.

Pricing and available pups are listed in each application form.

For more great information, please visit our FAQ's page including pricing and allocation processes. 

These puppies will be offered to our wait listed families but please feel free to complete an application form should you be interested in this litter 


A big thank you to Jenny from Rusty Amber for sharing this beautiful boy with us.



Sunnii C.jpeg
Rustys Great Gatsby.jpg

WEEK 1-2

WEEK 4-5

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WEEK 3-4

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Some extra snaps from our photo shoots - More photos can be found on our FaceBook page

*Images may appear darker/lighter due to your monitor

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