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Sands Australian Labradoodles


Life is always better with a labradoodle at your side

We are a small family & breeders of multi-generational Australian Labradoodles & we are dedicated to our furry family as well as strong advocates for this wonderful breed.  We put a lot of forward planning into everything we do so we can improve and build on the quality and breeding lines of the Australian Labradoodle.

Why choose a

Sands Australian Labradoodle Puppy?

A Sands Labradoodle puppy is well and truly loved, we dedicate a lot of time to ensure we are sending you a happy, confident & well socialised puppy that is ready to take on the world.  We are so dedicated that we spend the first three weeks of each litter sleeping in the puppy room to support mum and be there should she need us (we even put a kitchen in our puppy room!). 

Our pups are weighed daily (which is why you will see a coloured ribbon on each pup) so we can monitor each pup to make sure they are thriving and sailing along. 

We spend a lot of time on puppy enrichment which means making sure our pups are handled daily, given different tasks and toys to keep them stimulated, introduce small challenges to help them build confidence and have an indoor and an outdoor activity area for them to explore and so they are getting a lot of new experiences in a safe environment. 

Our pups get to met our other furry family members which includes the cats and other dogs as well as human interaction and socialisation, all of our pups gets lots of cuddles and everyone gets a cuddle at bedtime before we tuck them in for the night.

We just love spending time with them, especially as the time goes so quickly, but it also allows us to be a part of their journey and follow their progress as they come into their own which helps us ensure we are matching the right temperament to the right family.


Please enjoy some photos of our companion labradoodles. Thank you to our doodle families for sharing their photos of their beautiful labradoodles with us xoxo

Some Family Snaps
Parker (Sands Stone)
Louis V
Gary and Ellie
Evie & Family
Sands Amity
Gary & Ellie Taking it Easy
Armani and Shilo
Ziggy with his forever family
Credence and Mum
Finn with Max (Green Ribbon)
Louis V
Doom and Quake playing (Rocket)
Louis the birthday boy
Puppy Love
Rory and the girls
Choc (M) Green Ribbon

Ipswich, Queensland, Australia     email :   

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