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About our Guardian Program


Our Guardian Families are fundamental to our breeding program.  All our breeding dogs live with guardian families, where they can grow up happy and get lavished with love & attention in a family environment.


Our guardians get to take home one of our precious Labradoodle puppies to raise as their own 'the pick of the litter' for less than almost a third of the cost of a companion pup.  The guardian family covers the dogs day to day expenses (food, monthly worming/flea/tick prevention, annual vaccinations, vet care, training and so on as if it were your own dog). The labradoodles are contracted to Sands for breeding for up to three litters and we the breeders, cover any breeding related expenses.  We do require our dogs to be fed a premium food diet such as Royal Canin Dog Food or similar.


Some of the requirements of being a guardian family is that we do require our labradoodles to be crate trained and toilet trained as when they are with us they hang out in the house with us.  We want our dogs to grow up in a family environment as when they are with us they are treated like a member of the family and are inside with us (not kennelled).  While we do most of the running around there will be the odd that you will be need to bring the dog to us (health testing/photos etc), matings, sometimes if I am busy with puppies & can't get away, I will need your help and need you to bring the dog to us which is why we like you to be not too far away.   We even do the grooming for the first year for you!  We pay for your puppy preschool fees on completion of puppy preschool and also the cost of Level 1 Obedience training course. The main responsibility of the Guardian family is to provide our dogs with a loving and caring home and can put the time into their training, give the socialisation they need as puppies and teach them their doggy manners. 


Our Labradoodles stay with their families and come to stay with us when it is time for breeding and to raise their puppies. On general, if the boys live close by we get them back the same day otherwise they may have a sleep over for a night and the girls go home after they honeymoon and then come back a week due before the pups are born to settle in and they are usually with us till the pups start weaning approx. around the end of week three/start of week 4 and then mum comes home once the pups are weaned. Being a Guardian Family is a great way to have a labradoodle in your life for a fraction of the cost, so should you be interested, please complete our 'Guardian Application form' and please make sure you tell us what suburb you live (this is important!) and upon receipt of your application, we will touch base with you.


We started out as a guardian family and although my son missed our girl dearly when she was gone, it was an amazing experience for him to see our girl with her puppies and our girl was so proud to show us and we would highly recommend the experience to anyone.

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