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A dog is only ever as good as its owner!

(and the time you have invested into it!)

Labradoodles love adventure and have playful souls, so it is important to keep

them stimulated so they don't get up to mischief.  We strongly recommend

ALL families trian their labradoodle to at least a LEVEL 1 OBEDIENCE.  They

all do really well at Puppy Preschool which is vital for socialisation but they hit

that naughty adolescent stage they are readly for Level 1.  It teaches them not

only obedience but allows you train your labradoodle with other distractions

and this way you have better control of your doodle.  Labradoodles love to work

and especially show off and it is great stimulation for them.  They would

excel at agility and fly ball as they are very fast and agile.


Keeping your labradoodle busy.


Most of us are busy, with work, the kids, life in general so here are some easy ways to keep your puppy stimulated.


Kongs and Treat Balls - can be filled with yummy treats and keeps your puppy busy trying to get them out.


Treat Pops - On the hot days, freeze some treats in small icecream container the night before & when you leave for the day, tip it out of the container & they will have big iceblock to lick which helps keep them cool and then the yummy treats inside. We fill empty milk containers, wrap them in towels and give them to our Labradoodle Puppies to lie on when it is hot. They love it.


Rotate Toys - dogs can get over stimulated as well as under stimulated so leaving heaps of toys lying around doesn't always keep them entertained, they can get bored with them. Try rotating/alternating their toys each week, they love it.

Kibble Treat Trails - sprinkle kibble and treats in a line around the back yard and your pup will have an amazing time following the trail. Keep it easy to start with and place treats/kibble close together and as your pup learns what to do start spacing them out a bit more at a time. Your pup will love it.


There are a lot more training and obedience tips in your Puppy Care Notes that come with your puppy and we have some great links below and on our helpful links page.

Here are some links to some wonderful sites that have lots of training tips that are easy to follow.

Victoria Stillwell - You might have seen her on TV with her show 'It's me or the dog'

Ian Dunbar and other great trainers at Dog Star Daily:

World Champion Agility trainer Susan Garrett -

Patricia McConnell an animal behaviorist has written some great books -









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