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Raising our Pups

Our pups are raised in our home

Our pup's are raised inside our house & integrated into our day to day family life. The have a mix of indoor & outdoor play & come in of a night to sleep in a climate controlled puppy room specifically designed for the pups. We don't believe in raising them in some backyard shed or left outside (day & night) like a lot of breeders do from four weeks of age.  We are incredibly hands on as breeders and pride ourselves in the time we put into each and every litter.  I could have a litter of identical looking pups but I would be able to tell you who is who, what their personality is & who is the trouble maker (hehe) but I spend so much time with our furry kids as who wants to miss all of those funny and fun moments (yes, labradoodles are very much the comedians & will keep you entertained).  Being so hands on allows us to give your pup the best start to life, with constant interaction, play, and socialisation to as many things as possible to help them become well adjusted pups when they leave us. We implement some of the Puppy Culture protocols as they are designed specifically for puppies in those early weeks of development, the socialisation & training programs helps build strong, happy & confident puppies that learn the important puppy lessons at the age appropriate time. It takes work but the pay off is one that creates a foundation built on positive reinforcement & what could be better than that!  

We have a purpose built room in our house (it's the reason we bought the house) and it is climate controlled, soundproofed, and we even put in a kitchenette as I often sleep in there for the first few weeks of each litter to help support mum should she need it (especially with our new mums as it's a learning curve & it helps build that bond & trust). We also play the pups music or put on different types of movies as it helps them get accustomed to all different types of noises and find the music helps relax them too (Tip : When ever you're leaving pup along at home put the radio on for them as it provides them with lots of comfort).  We use changeable fencing panels in the room that allows us to reduce or expand the pup's area with them as they grow.  When they get a bit older, we start toilet training them and also introduce a crate (we leave the door open so they can come & go & investigate at their own pace (most of them so such busy bodies & & very curious about most new things so they are usually in it the minute the door opens!). It also helps pup's that are flying interstate & helps to take the stress out of it for them. Once the pups are a bit older we get them outside for play time during the day (weather permitting) & we have lots of toys, we do wanter play, sandpits, balance boards & change things around to give them lots of new experiences along with an enriching environment that helps keep them stimulated & helps build confidence.  We even sneak them up to the lounge room at night when we can and of course each and every pup gets a cuddle at bed time. 

Our world stops so we can focus on the pups and not the other way around.  We don't believe in having our furry kids kenneled or away from us, they are a part of our daily life which is why we keep as much of our attention on the pups as we can while they are with us.  This way our pups are exposed to normal daily life, the vacuum, moping, the television, they also get to met our older dogs, our cats and of course our guardian families come to visit (& we get lots of cuddles too).  Exposure to everyday life is important and helps make each pup's transition into their new family a much smoother one. 

How we started .....

I was teaching dog obedience at a school that had a doggy daycare (way back before they popular) & this is where I first met a bunch of Labradoodles.  I was won over by them, their social & playful nature, their intuitive & intelligence, how easy they were to train. Along with their beautiful natures and they were just so darn cute!, I couldn't get enough of them & the fact they are non-shedding & non-allergenic was the cherry on top! I could pat them, cuddle them & not end up covered in dog hair, no sniffles, itching & no allergic reactions, they were the ideal dog.

This led me to do my research on this amazing breed, which led me to an ALA Breeder.  We got talking, we met, then I was taking home our own little bundle of joy, Riley and we were to be her guardian family.  Through this experience I wanted to get more involved, advocate for this amazing breed and produce a beautiful, genetically sound, non-shedding, family dog which has led us to the breeding path that we are now on. 

We are always learning and can honestly say it is a labor of love and I put every ounce of energy into raising well balanced labradoodles. We want to enjoy the pups while they are with us, we raise them inside our house with our other two legged & four legged family members.  This way we are able to focus all of our love and attention, be in the moment with them rather than worrying about our next litter or having to divide our time.


Our breeding dogs reside with their guardian families and only come to us when it is time for them to raise their gorgeous litter of labradoodle puppies.  It is important to us to produce sound healthy dogs with superb temperaments.  We only breed from dogs that have outstanding temperaments, that have been health tested and passed this testing.  After they have had their litters, they are retired from our program, desexed and go on to live happy lives with their guardian families.


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