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Coats, Colours, Sizing and Grooming


There is a mountain of inforamtion out there to keep your head spinning for days. Many people have questions about Labradoodle coats, their colours, sizing and grooming.  I suggest that you read the information of the Australian Labradoodle Association (ALA). Here you can learn everything you need to know about these amazing dogs and the information is all there at the tips of your fingers.  Their website is and if you click on the links below, they will take you to the ALA pages with the relevant information.



Coat Types - We are aiming for a non-shedding fleece or wool coat, perfect for people who suffer from allergies.  The fleece coat is usually a fine coat that is soft and easy to manage.  The wool coat has spirals and a lot more shaggy looking.  You do occassionaly get a dog with a hair coat.  For more information on the Labradoodle coat please vist go to the Australian Labradoodle Association page:


Labradoodle Colours - there is a rainbow of colours in this amazing breed.  They can range from dark chocolates, cafe chocolates, creams, golds to stunning reds.  There is something for everything and for more information on the range of colours please visit


Size Guide - Labradoodles have three sizes - Mini, Medium and Standard. The sizes below are a guideline and the boys can often grow 1" taller. 


Minature - range from 14 to 16 Inches and 7  - 13kg

Medium   - range from 17 to 20 Inches and 13 - 20kg

Standard - range from 21 to 24 Inches and 23 - 30kg


Grooming - Your Labradoodle Puppy will need grooming throughout his/her life, but it isn't as over-whelming as you would think, I don't class them as high maintence dogs.  The wonderful thing about fleece/wool coats is that they don't get that doggy smell.  We clip our dogs right back in the beginning of Summer and a maintenance cut during Summer and then we let them grow long and shaggy for Winter.  During Winter we just do maintenance.

Just remember to keep your labradoodles ears clean and trimmed to keep the air flow.  A good clip for grooming tips: 




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