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Guardian puppies are pups that we keep from each litter (the pick of the litter) to carry on our breeding lines. They are a fraction of the cost (which we give back to you) and we place them with Guardian Families so they can live as a part of family, get lots of love, attention, socialisation, training and not be kennelled.

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Guardian Puppies are puppies that were the pick of the litter chosen to carry on our breeding lines as they have standout temperaments.  It is important to us that our breeding girls & boys grow up in loving homes, get the training they need and of course, lots of love and attention. We don't want them living in kennels as they love being with their humans. Becoming a Guardian Family is a great way to get a top quality labradoodle for a fraction of the price.

Should you feel that you are the right person to raise one of our upcoming breeding stars please let us know. For more information on our Guardian family program please visit our Guardian family page or complete an application form by clicking on the button below.

We have laid the groundwork and you just have to carry it on, it makes life so much easier! Also as it is so important to us that our pups get off to the best start, we cover the cost of puppy pre-school, cover the cost of a private 2 hour training session and even provide a rebate for level one obedience courses. This how dedicated we are to our breeding boys and girls. 

Sands Bogart

Chocolate Abstract Male

Fleece Coat

DOB: 10.07.19

Expected to be Medium/Large Medium in size

Parents : Marley & Harley

This boy is one smart cookie and loves to play, chase the ball and then settle down of an evening for some 'Bogart Time' and get all the cuddles and belly rubs he can.

Sands Clover

Chocolate/Cafe Female

Fleece Coat

DOB: 10.07.19

Expected to be Medium, may creep up to Large Medium in size

Parents : Marley & Harley

We are so happy that Clover is joining our breeding program as she has such a even temperament with a fun loving attitude. She learns very quickly and just wants to be with you. She loves everyone and is besotted and loves kids.

Sands Valentine

Red Female / Fleece Coat

DOB: 05.07.19

Expected to be Medium in size

Litter : Scout & Flynn Litter

This little girl is full of personality and I will miss her antics and cheekiness .  She is only too aware of just how cute she is and knows how to work it, so be warned (lol). She will bring so much fun and happiness to one lucky family and if she is anything like her mum she will be one stand out of a pup. 

All of the below pups are crate trained, pee on command and are  excellent with their toilet training.

ABN: 81 878 426 359 – SUPPLIER NUMBER : BIN0000630997736