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Sands Memphis (Summer) & Tallai Walt Disney (Cooper's) Puppy Gallery


Well all of our boys and girls are getting bigger and more playful by the day.  They absolutely love playing outside and took to it so well, no crying or huddling, they were straight into and were like toddlers let loose in a toy store. 

All of our pups did so well with their first car trip and they got to meet Lance our vet who was very impressed with them all.  They weren't too impressed with Lance though as he was a bit of a meanie and gave them their first vacciantions along with their microchips but we were there to give them lots of cuddles and praise for being so brave. 

The pups also had their first bath and were not quite sure what to make of it, especially when the hairdryer came out but they all smell just devine now and their coats are looking amazing and silky soft.

We will really miss these guys when they go but know they will have a wonderful time with their forever families.


We decided to do a quick update in case we lose power/internet, as we are told some crazy weather is headed our way!

Our boys & girls are well over the half way mark, where has the time gone?  We are trying not to get too attached to this lot but it is so so difficult as they are making so darn hard not too! Their personalities are all coming through so we have the funny ones, play with me one more time ones, the goofy ones, the problem solvers, the peace keepers and snuggle bugs. Not to mention that they are getting cuter by the day.  They are really into their play now and are loving their toys, do the snatch & run from another pup, pouncing on them, have a good ole chew on them and then snuggle up with them for naps.  They have discovered how much fun it is to shred up newspaper and redecorate their room constantly (lol)

We bid farewell to Summer (mum) on Thursday.  Summer did an amazing job raising this bunch, we are in awe of her.  She was calm, patient and very dedicated. Summer has gone home to her guardian family for a well derserved rest.  We have put up some photos of Summer enjoying herself on her last day here with our girls and to pay homeage to such a wonderful mum. 

We will put up the pups individual photos this weekend (weather permitting)


Well it has been a great week, our boys and girls are getting bigger and cuter by the day.  They are loving their mush (soaked food) and are getting better at getting it in their mouths instead of all over themselves.  Think we will have to soak some of the pups to get the food off their little noses lol

Another big milestone is that they have cut their teeth and will be in chew mode so we have introduced some chew toys for them to help massage their gums as the teeth come through.  The pups are very playful now and are picking up toys and carrying them around, they think they are pretty clever.  They love and I mean 'love' their soft plush toys, beds, cushions and often curl up asleep with them.

They are doing very well with their toileting and are using the artifical grass we have put down for them and if the weather stays nice we will start with some outdoor time which will be a lot of fun to see them explore their new world. We will also introduce the crate next week to their sleeping area (we keep the door open) and start getting them accustomed to it.

They are a happy bunch of pups and pretty laid back,  for them life is now eat, play and sleep.  You will often find your labradoodle sleeping on their backs, it's super cute.

Well we hope you enjoy this weeks photos and have a great week.



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