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Neville at Sands


(aka Journey Jax)

Sire:              Caralee Mango

Dam:            Journey Marley

Born:             08.12.2020

ALA Registration: Upgrade Lodged

Grading:       ALF4

Size:              Medium 17.5" 

Colour:         Caramel

Coat:             Fleece

DNA :           Clear/Normal (Case Id: 21G52307)

Traits:           bbee KB/ky or kbr at/at

Lavelle's:       Hips: 3+2 = 5 Elbows: 0+0=0

PennHip :     R 0.26 L 0.25

OFA   :           Hips: Good  Elbows: Clear/Negative 

Available for Stud. Proven from Live cover




Health Testing - Passed/Clear
Urogenital (Associated with the Urinary and Genital Tracts) Negative/Clear
Neurologic (Associated with the Brain, Spinal and Nerves) Negative/Clear
Ophthalmologic (Associated with the Eyes)
Cone-Rod Dystrophy I - Negative/Clear
Generalised PRA1 - Negative/Clear
Progressive Rod Cone Degeneration PRA - Negative/Clear
Metabolic (Associated with the Body's Enzymes & Cell Metabolism) Negative/Clear
Haemolymphatic (Associated with the Circulatory System) Negative/Clear
Dermatologic (Associated with Skin) Negative/Clear
Musculoskeletal (Associated with Bones & Muscles) Negative/Clear


Mango Coat 04.jpg

Mango (Dad)

Journey Marley

Marley (Mum)

What Neville's Guardian Family says about him

"Neville is a gentle, sweet boy who loves to play fetch, dance & is a natural water baby. Neville loves his family and enjoys being a part of daily activities. He does not bark a lot, only when he wants another dog to play with him. Neville gets along with all types of dogs; he is even gentle with birds and insects. Neville's coat is soft and silky fleece coat. Neville is quick to learn & while he loves his treats & if a cuddle is the reward he is a happy boy."

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