PIXEL'S Large Mini/Small Medium Litter

 7 stunning fleece coat puppies in Gold variations (Gold/Caramel/Cream/Red)

Pixel's Large Mini/Small Medium Litter 



Size: Small Medium/Medium  (Approx. 16.5-17.5" and approx 6-11 kgs)

There are two smaller pups and I think the rest of them will get to small medium in size

Generation : ALF4 (Pure) 

Colours : Gold/Caramel/Cream/Red Fleece Coats

Coats :  Fleece Coats - 4 Boys and 3 Girls

Pixel is such an all rounder and happy go lucky girl who has always doted on any young pups which earned her the nickname of Nanny McPhee as she is so sweet, snuggly and gentle and just loves to be involved.  We have no doubt her sweet nature will be carried on her fur kids. 

HOME DATE : (Interstate) 22-23 rd December (To be confirmed with airpline) For Local (Ipswich) 22nd December (Sunday)

Pricing and available pups are listed in each application form.

For more great information, please visit our FAQ's page including pricing and allocation processes. 

These puppies will be offered to our wait listed families but please feel free to complete an application form should you be interested in this litter 



We hope to keep two girls from this litter for breeding. If you live within an hour of Ipswich & think you have what it takes & you would like a labradoodle puppy for a fraction of the price please visit our guardian page for more information or complete an application form below.


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Black Ribbon Boy

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Green Ribbon Boy

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