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Apple & Walt's Stunning Pups

Week 6 Update

Today our little boys and girls had their vaccinations and microchips and they all did us proud ... so brave!  Vet Lance was very impressed with them.

It was another warm day so the pups had some outside time once it cooled down but the water bowl proved just too tempting and they wore more water than they drank!!  Be warned, theses guys love water!

Mum went home last weekend and the pups got a surprise visit from her today so a lot of kisses all round and then she went off to play with the big girls and the pups kept playing away, they are such a happy bunch, I swear I can see them smiling.

Week 3 Update

Well our boys & girls got their first meal today (blended up & soaked Royal Canin) and did they love it or what! It was, as always, a very tactile experience for them and they usually get covered in it but they all clean each up other afterwards and what they miss, mum comes in and finishes up.  They are still on milk from mum and will have just one mush meal a day for the next few days to allow their little tummies to adjust. They are getting so big and cuddly, we just adore them.

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