Sands Alabama

(aka Kezia)

This little starlet is one to keep an eye on.  She has a laid back temperament, very social and loves her humans.  Her colouring is amazing and she has a beautiful fleece coat and we hope she is being a good girl for her guardians.

Thank you to Marina, Craig, the boys and Grandma & Grandpa who are all taking such wonderful care of our girl.

Sands Alabama


 Sire:               Tallai Walt Disney

 Dam:             Sands Memphis

 Born:             6 September 2015

 ALA Registration: 0148-006-08

 Grading:       ALF3

 Size:              Medium 18"- 11.5kg

 Colour:         Red

 DNA :            BBee

 Traits:           at/a KK

 BHFD:           Carrier

 Coat Type:   Fleece


Health Testing - Passed

OFA Hips: Good

OFA Elbows: Good

Penn Hip: R .38 L .41

Prcd-PRA:   Clear by Parentage

DNA Profile ID: Lab 15-112182

DNA vWD Type1: Normal
DNA Exercise induced collapse: Normal
DNA Autosomal Hereditary Recessive Nephropathy: Normal
DNA GM1 - Gangliosidosis: Normal
DNA Degenerative Myelopathy: Normal
DNA Centronuclear Myopathy: Normal

DNA Cone-Rod Dystrophy 1: Clear
DNA Globoid Cell Leukodystrophy / Krabbe's Disease: Normal
DNA Mucopolysaccharidosis: Normal
DNA Mytotubular Myopathy X Linked: Normal
DNA Narcolepsy: Normal
DNA Phosphofructokinase (PFK) Deficiency: Normal
DNA Neonatal Encephalopathy: Normal

Sands Alabama's