Sands Daisy

Sands Daisy

Sire:               Thorntan Amarone

Dam:             Kalina's Murphy

Born:             19/09/2018

ALA Registration: Upgraded 0148-030-06

Grading:       L04

Size:              Large Medium/Small Standard (19 kgs)

Colour:         Caramel

DNA :           PRCD: Carrier (Case Id: 18061487)

Traits:           bbee KK at/at

Coat Type:   Fleece

PennHip :     R 0.31 L 0.38

Lavelle's :      HIPS 2 + 3 = 5 / ELBOWS 0+0=0




Health Testing - Passed

Urogenital (Associated with the Urinary and Genital Tracts)


Neurologic (Associated with the Brain, Spinal and Nerves)


Ophthalmologic (Associated with the Eyes)

Cone-Rod Dystrophy I - Negative/Clear

Generalised PRA1 - Negative/Clear

Progressive Rod Cone Degeneration PRA - Carrier

Metabolic (Associated with the Body's Enzymes & Cell Metabolism) Negative/Clear

Haemolymphatic (Associated with the Circulatory System)


Dermatologic (Associated with Skin)


Musculoskeletal (Associated with Bones & Muscles)


Daisy's Parents

Thorntan Amarone


True - Standard Labradoodle

Kalina's Murphy (Dad)

ABN: 81 878 426 359 – SUPPLIER NUMBER : BIN0000630997736