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Sands Macey

aka Florence

Sands Macey

Sire:               Bellissimo Paddington

Dam:            Sands LOL

Born:            03/01/2019

ALA Registration: 0148-033-10 (Upgraded)

Grading:       ALF2

Size:              Large Medium 19" & 16 kgs

Colour:         Chocoalte/Cafe

Coat:             Fleece

DNA :            Clear/Normal (Case Id: 19214977)

Traits:           bbEE KK at/at

PennHip :     R 0.26 / L 0.29

Lavelle's :      Hips: 1+3=4 Elbows: 0+0=0




Health Testing - Passed

Urogenital (Associated with the Urinary and Genital Tracts) - Negative/Clear

Neurologic (Associated with the Brain, Spinal and Nerves) - Negative/Clear

Ophthalmologic (Associated with the Eyes)

Cone-Rod Dystrophy I - Negative/Clear

Generalised PRA1 - Negative/Clear

Progressive Rod Cone Degeneration PRA - Clear

Metabolic (Associated with the Body's Enzymes & Cell Metabolism) Negative/Clear

Haemolymphatic (Associated with the Circulatory System) - Negative/Clear

Dermatologic (Associated with Skin) Negative/Clear

Musculoskeletal (Associated with Bones & Muscles)


Macey's Parents

Sands LOL


Bellissimo Paddinton


This girl is the sister of our Sterling. With her silky soft fleece coat and happy go lucky attitude that is so true to the labradoodle nature, we can't wait for her to become a mumma bear as we know she will be one to watch!

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