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Sands Ocean (aka Xena)

Sands Ocean (Xena) is from one of our favourite lines & she definitely got her mums & dads' d good looks. She has an silky soft fleece coat & is an outgoing, clever girl with a great temperament and no doubt will produce some beautiful well rounded puppies that will suit every type of family. 

What Xena's Family say about her: 
Xena loves her walks and outdoor adventures. She is a smart, playful, cuddly, very loving girl who is loyal to my humans and also great with other dogs. Xena is all about the love & is well loved by her beautiful guardian family & she loves them dearly. 
Xena is super fit and can run REALLY fast & when her human brothers are riding their bike & scooters around the property, she tries to outrun them doing Zoomies. (Xena says her Guardian family wonder if she has Greyhound in her). 😂 
She looks after her figure (lol) & loves a healthy diet, as it helps keep her fit and strong and very good looking (hehe). 😉
I think I’ll make some smart, fun loving, affectionate & and gorgeous pups.
Thank you to Xena's amazing guardian family for all of the love and amazing care they lavish on Xena xo

Sands Ocean - Xena


Sands Valentine

Sands Blaze

Sands Ocean (aka Xena)

Australian Labradoodle Association (ALA) 

Registration Number: 0148-076-08


Sire:               Sands Blaze

Dam:             Sands Valentine

Born:             16.09.2021


Grading:       ALF4 Australian Labradoodle

Size:              Medium 18" 16 kg

Colour:         Red Abstract (white patch)

Coat:             Fleece

DNA :            Clear/Normal (Case Id: 23A144808)

Traits:            BBee KK at/at S/sp

PennHip :     R 0.35 & L 0.40

Lavelles:        3+5 = 8 

OFA:              Hips Good / Elbows: Good




Health Testing - Passed

Urogenital (Associated with the Urinary and Genital Tracts) Negative/Clear

Neurologic (Associated with the Brain, Spinal and Nerves) Negative/Clear

Ophthalmologic (Associated with the Eyes)

Cone-Rod Dystrophy I - Negative/Clear

Generalised PRA1 - Negative/Clear

Progressive Rod Cone Degeneration PRA - Negative/Clear

Metabolic (Associated with the Body's Enzymes & Cell Metabolism) Negative/Clear

Haemolymphatic (Associated with the Circulatory System) Negative/Clear

Dermatologic (Associated with Skin) Negative/Clear

Musculoskeletal (Associated with Bones & Muscles)


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