Sands Preston

aka Hershey


Sire:               Nicnak Tigerwoods

Dam:             Sands Mrs Robinson

Born:             25.01.2018

ALA Registration: 0148-025-05

Grading:       AL (Pure)

Size:              Large Medium 20" 16kg

Colour:         Chocolate Fleece

DNA :            Passed

Traits:           bbEe KK at/at

Coat Type:   Fleece

PennHip:     R 0.28 L 0.27 90TH Percentile

Lavelle's:       2+2=4




Sands Preston
Sands Preston
Sands Preston
Sands Preston
Sands Preston
Sands Preston
Sands Preston
Sands Preston
Preston (6)
Sands Preston
Preston (8)

Preston's Parents

Sands Mrs Robinson

Nicnak Tiger Woods


Health Testing - Passed

Urogenital (Associated with the Urinary and Genital Tracts) Negative/Clear

Neurologic (Associated with the Brain, Spinal and Nerves) Negative/Clear

Ophthalmologic (Associated with the Eyes)

Cone-Rod Dystrophy I - Negative/Clear

Generalised PRA1 - Negative/Clear

Progressive Rod Cone Degeneration PRA - Negative/Clear

Metabolic (Associated with the Body's Enzymes & Cell Metabolism) Negative/Clear - Carrier ATP7B

Haemolymphatic (Associated with the Circulatory System) Negative/Clear

Dermatologic (Associated with Skin) Negative/Clear

Musculoskeletal (Associated with Bones & Muscles)



ABN: 81 878 426 359 – Breeder Identification Number with QLD Bio Security : BIN0000630997736