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Sands Jersey Caramel & Caralee Flynn Medium Litter

1 Girl & 5 Boys


Jersey Day 1.jpg

Sands Jersey Caramel (aka Jersey) & Caralee Flynn (aka Archie)


Size: Sml Medium-Medium (Approx. 17"-18.5" and approx 12-16 kgs)

Generation : AL (Pure)

Colours : Creme Caramel, Gold/Red, Caramel & Caramel Abstracts

Coats :  Fleece

We will be looking for a guardian family for one of the pups

(to be decided when pups are 6 weeks)


​HOME DATE : Interstate & Local : 3rd May 2019



We will be requiring a guardian family for one of the pups, if you live within approx. an hour of Ipswich and want a labradoodle for a fraction of the price please visit our guardian page for more information.


Jersey Caramel


Caralee Flynn.jpg

      Week 1-2                   Week 3                 Week 5                Week 7           

Blue Ribbon


Abstract Boy

Yellow Ribbon

Creme Caramel

Abstract Boy

Red Ribbon


Abstract Boy

Green Ribbon

Caramel Boy

Brown Ribbon

Gold/Red Boy

Pink Ribbon

​Creme Caramel

Abstract Girl

*Images may appear darker/lighter due to your monitor

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